Born in 2007, Elliot promotes both classic and contemporary Italian and international literature as long as it features high quality and originality of style.Elliot also publishes literary essays and nonfiction.
From 2011, Elliot is part of the group 
Lit Edizioni, which counts other imprints such as Arcana, Ultra, Orme, Edizioni dei cammini,  each of them with a clear identity and a specific production: fiction, essays, instant books, music, spirituality, graphic novels, cookbooks, sport .

Elliot lines are seven:
SCATTI (Contemporary Fiction)
RAGGI (Modern Classics)
BIBLIOTECA (Classic Litarary Masterpieces)
ANTIDOTI (Non Fiction)
LAMPI (Short texts, Fiction and Non Fiction)
MAESTRI (Literary short essays)

POESIA (Poetry)

Rights Manager:

Miriam Capaldo rights@litedizioni.it